Traditional Thai Massage + (Oil / Powder)

(Nomination fee , Room usage fee , included)
Extension 30min¥5,000


1.LUXURY ROOM is not available without permission.

You need to make a reservation beforehand.(Phone number needed that we can call you back.)

2.Available only to customers with a telephone reservation history from 22/July/2022.
Customers who have never made a reservation by phone will not be able to receive the service.
We hope you will take this opportunity to try making reservations by phone.

3.The room is located within walking distance from Asian Feeling.(3min on foot) If it’s first time to use the room, you need to check in at Asian Feeling reception. (Make sure you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the time.)

4.We will send you SMS, after you make a reservation with the room. We can’t guide you the room, if you don’t access to SMS.

5.When you use the room, you need to come on time. There would be a room schedule before and after.

※ Terms and conditions ※

・This is thai massage parlor with the aim of your relaxation.

・This place is not a brothel. We never offer any kind of sexual service.

・Please note that we are not a health institute with medical massage.

・The service price is tax-included.

・Taking a shower, Changing clothes and so on, are included in the service time.

・We are not responsible for your skin damage from the oil with a massage.

・No smoke, electronic cigarette in this room.

・Cancellation is possible 1 hour prior to the reservation time. Please note that 50% fee will be incurred in the cancellation within an hour of the reservation time. Cancellation running over the start time, you need pay 100% the service fee.

Thank you for your understanding.